Intro… (Ollo!)


Don’t you just love sitting down and watching people? You might think me weird but… being a writer, I love to watch people. It’s not just watching, it’s also listening (I know, I know! Now I’m an eavesdropper!)… people talk about the weirdest, randomest, funniest, awesomest things sometimes. Their overheard stories leave me shocked and surprised, as if I were the person they were actually talking to. What I usually watch is little habits and weird acts of service from-all-too-obvious-admirors of some stranger. I like watching the love and the outrage, the mistakes and spills (of coffee and tea!). Public life is full of things to write about. Like the woman who types relentlessly at her computer, ignoring the looks she’s getting from the impatient workers who want to close. Or the man who, just can’t help but notice the book about to fall of a library bookshelf and pushes it back into place. Sometimes watching families cross the street is interesting enough to write about, like how the eldest watches over the little ones, and the middle child dances around, goofing off.


I can’t wait to get started.

No promises I’ll keep this going, or how frequient my posts will be. But I’m sure, if I like watching and listening to strangers, you’ll like reading about them!

Write on!


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  1. Very cool idea! I like where you are going with this and look forward to reading what you observe in this weird and wacky world!

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